It's scary to think the bounce action of running might age our skin.
For women, there is never really a moment where we can be in a public space and not on guard.
There's a donut stand about 150 meters into the run — it's next to the smoking section.
It's been "a pretty amazing journey," he said of the strides he's taken since the attack.
The basics that runners old and new swear by.
It's possible to do it without freezing or hurting yourself.
Think of spectating a race like going to Ikea. Plan ahead.
The woman behind the blog Fat Girl Running dishes on her favorite time of day.
The majority of deaths happen during the swim portion of the race.
It was a way for him to be supportive while his wife went through IVF treatment.
All of the people around him said, without exception, his biggest contribution has been his personality.
As a female runner, I’m a prime target.