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Freddie Flintoff, who has hosted the show since 2019, suffered "life-alteringly significant" injuries while filming last year. He settled with the BBC last month.
A BBC journalist recently shared audio from a minidisc he discovered in his home. It features a 2003 conversation he claims to have had with the artist.
Ghizlane Chebbak was asked if there are “any gay players in your squad and what’s life like for them in Morocco,” where same-sex relations are illegal.
Huw Edwards is "suffering from serious mental health issues," his wife said.
Senior British politicians are calling on the BBC to rapidly investigate claims that a leading presenter paid a teenager for explicit photos.
Richard Sharp has resigned after a report found he failed to disclose a potential conflict of interest over his role in arranging a loan for Boris Johnson.
Never-before-seen footage of the monarch will also feature in the documentary.
The infamous CEO described what running the platform has been like in a “hastily arranged” interview with the BBC.
“Have I shot myself in the foot with tweets multiple times? Yes," the Twitter CEO confessed.
The news site, which gets 1% of its annual budget from the government, is now labeled as “government-funded media.” The BBC got a similar label.