The prime minister's Conservatives have consistently trailed the Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, in the polls.
In Jerusalem, meanwhile, a far-right government minister paid a provocative visit to a flashpoint holy site sacred to Jews and Muslims.
"As an American who recently moved to Bordeaux with my family, culture shocks have become a familiar part of my daily life."
Doctors have now given Prime Minister Robert Fico a positive prognosis, four days after the populist leader was repeatedly shot at a public event.
Under the proposed plan, both members of a German couple will be able to take on a double surname, with or without a hyphen, and for their children to take that name too.
Lax U.S. gun laws led the actor to move back to Britain.
The magazine questioned whether evidence was ignored in the rush to convict Lucy Letby of killing seven babies and attempting to kill six others.
Catalonia's separatist parties are in danger of losing their decade-long hold of power in Spain's northeastern region.
David Knezevich has been arrested on a federal kidnapping charge in connection to the disappearance of Ana Maria Knezevich Henao in Spain.
State prosecutors, who had initially brought the allegations forward, are now saying “there is not sufficient evidence” of a possible fiscal crime.