European Union

Criticism of the decision as an attack on free speech only underlined European lawmakers' failure to keep up with technology.
The secretary of state canceled his final Europe trip after European Union officials are too “embarrassed” to meet with him.
European diplomats have essentially shunned the U.S. secretary of state.
HuffPost reporters are tracking the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic.
British tax experts say the move will save the average woman nearly $55 over her lifetime.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose support for Brexit helped push the country out of the EU, said it was “an amazing moment for this country.”
The 27-nation bloc began administering the first doses to doctors, nurses and the elderly on Sunday.
The U.K. and the EU avoided the catastrophic trade disruptions and job losses that "no deal" almost certainly would have caused.
Negotiators hope to come to a deal as soon as the end of the day.
Six European nations moved to ban flights from the U.K. as a new strain of coronavirus sweeps across southern England.