European Union

Hope that Polish society would become less homophobic was dashed after President Andrzej Duda won on an anti-LGBTQ platform.
The relief package represents a victory for the idea of a united Europe.
After four days and nights of haggling, European Union leaders clinched an unprecedented 1.8 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) budget and coronavirus recovery fund.
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“All we want to do is be with our significant others. I’ll take a test … I’ll quarantine for 14 days, I’ll continue wearing a mask, I'll do whatever I need to do.”
The ban is a stunning rebuke of the Trump administration's failure to control the COVID-19 pandemic.
The U.S. handling of the outbreak has drawn concern from abroad.
The critical importance of tourism to Europe’s economy is forcing countries into a restart that appeared unthinkable just weeks ago.
European nations face mounting pressure to protect public health while also addressing the social and economic strain that restrictions are causing.
Quickly moving to utilize emergency measures passed last week, critics say Prime Minister Viktor Orban is "killing democracy."