Food Stamps

The program is set to provide $120 per eligible child to help cover families' food costs through the summer.
One term is the program’s name, the other is outdated, misleading and loaded with baggage.
Legislation Republicans have drafted would affect a quarter of all Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients.
Electronic benefit cards, intended to reduce the stigma of paper food stamps, are now a vulnerability for people barely getting by.
The debt ceiling standoff will likely include a fight over “work requirements” for low-income households.
A proposed bill could prevent Iowans who use the former Food Stamp Program from purchasing various pantry staples.
Nebraska took the most aggressive action anywhere in the country, ending the emergency benefits four months into the pandemic in July 2020.
"Shopping trips were as much about stress and shame and scrutiny as they were about buying food."
The Biden administration has headed off an across-the-board food benefit reduction like the one that took effect in 2013.
The average monthly per-person food stamp benefits will rise from $121 to $157.