Food Stamps

Several changes to food and disability benefits are included among the dozens of regulations lined up.
Trump pursued a series of disability and food benefit cuts without congressional input. Biden could stop them the same way.
COVID-19 changed the national food supply chain, and Rep. Chellie Pingree is hopeful that lawmakers are ready to help local farms, not just Big Agriculture.
More and more people can use SNAP benefits to buy groceries online.
A federal judge said this is no time to start kicking thousands of people off benefits.
The USDA said states already have enough flexibility to waive the new rule in light of the coronavirus outbreak.
The Trump agenda: tighter standards for food benefits, looser ones for farm programs.
The plan also promises to increase funding to the military, all while claiming to balance the budget in 15 years.
The Trump administration wants a short time limit on benefits for unemployed adults without children or disabilities.
If lawsuits challenging the new regulations don't work, Americans may be facing "unmet food needs."