Food Stamps

They say a "Minnesota millionaire" represents all that is wrong with nutrition assistance.
The "Harvest Box" is a reach even by the standards of a symbolic budget document.
SNAP, which helps 38 million people and is one of America's biggest safety net programs, could stop providing benefits if the government shutdown continues.
There was no guarantee of future SNAP payments if the partial government shutdown continues.
Thanks to the government shutdown it looks like food assistance could stop after February.
The president hasn't signed a funding bill, but he could decide the poor are entitled to benefits anyway.
“These guys are not working ... They’re watching porn," said Star Parker, founder and president of the conservative Center for Urban Renewal and Education.
"How long until someone runs on the platform of #FoodStampsForAll?" Massie tweeted.
Building a border wall, repealing Obamacare, cutting food stamps — Republicans swear that's not them!
The current food stamp debate is a good example of how the federal budget disadvantages children.
A newspaper's lawsuit could force the government to disclose store-level spending data.
An administrative screw-up could keep thousands of low-income Americans from buying healthy food with SNAP benefits.
Democrats still have a say in the Senate, and they're not OK with cutting benefits.
The GOP poverty agenda would expand the administrative state.
The legislation would plow savings into a new training program, among other things.
The bill might push more people off benefits than previously thought.
The GOP is pushing work requirements for Medicaid and SNAP. But work requirements don't work -- except to make life more miserable for the poor.