Guantanamo Bay

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani stressed “the necessity of continuing dialogue with Taliban" to the U.N. "because boycott only leads to polarization and reactions."
"I have been tortured using over 60 different methods... Nearly two decades of my life have been stolen because the U.S. thought I was someone else."
Nasser, who went home to Morocco, is the first detainee to be released from Guantanamo under President Joe Biden.
Joe Biden says he wants to close Guantanamo, but six months into his presidency, he hasn't released any of the 11 men approved for transfer to another country.
Saifullah Paracha was reportedly cleared for release by the prisoner review board along with two other men.
The star fell ill while filming "The Mauritanian," a drama about a man detained in Guantanamo Bay for 14 years, at the end of 2019.
In a letter shared exclusively with HuffPost, advocates are urging Biden to follow through on former President Obama's efforts to close the controversial facility.
He was relieved of duty on Saturday for a "loss of confidence in his ability to command."
Mansoor Adayfi lives under near-constant surveillance in Serbia and his legal status in the country is uncertain.
The government is relying on a shaky legal basis for bombing the Islamic State.
After 14 years of imprisonment without charge, Abdul Latif Nasser thought he was finally going home. Then Donald Trump won.
That leaves some of the current detainees stuck in a legal "no man's land," a federal judge said.
Trump's Supreme Court nominee spent years defending the government's right to imprison some people without charge.
“This is a repugnant attempt to rewrite history and normalize governmental abuse of power," a Japanese-American history organization said.
The president had said he would keep Gitmo open and "load it up with some bad dudes."
"Trump has explicitly endorsed indefinite detention rather than a detention 'informed by the laws of war,'" lawyers argued in a new legal filing.
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What the paintings by its prisoners tell us about our humanity and theirs.
An exhibit of art made by inmates on the island detention center has drawn harsh criticism from the Pentagon.