The former president's appearance will mark the ninth time that he has addressed National Rifle Association members at a major public gathering.
Approximately 60 children were in attendance for the First Communion ceremony in Abbeville, Louisiana, when the 16-year-old allegedly entered with a gun.
The Texas woman vandalized her ex-husband’s house and shot her wedding portraits and dress before killing her son and then herself, authorities said.
Ralph Yarl survived being shot in the head by Andrew Lester in Kansas City, Missouri, in April 2023.
Ghost guns, which lack serial numbers, have been turning up at crime scenes with increasing regularity.
Police accused Bernard Carter's mother and brother of tampering with the investigation into his fatal shooting.
Thousands more firearms dealers across the U.S. will have to run background checks on buyers when selling at gun shows or other places outside brick-and-mortar stores.
Former Richneck Elementary School assistant principal Ebony Parker is accused of ignoring multiple reports that a 6-year-old had a gun.
Jennifer and James Crumbley, the parents of Michigan high school shooter Ethan Crumbley, were both found guilty of involuntary manslaughter earlier this year.
The independent presidential candidate called on the National Institutes of Health to study whether gun violence is connected to two unexpected factors.