Donald Trump Jr. gave a bizarre rant in front of an even more bizarre “interior design” choice.
"We have members of Congress who want to bring guns to the floor and have threatened violence on other members," said the speaker.
"The moment you bring a gun onto the House floor in violation of rules, you put everyone around you in danger," the New York lawmaker told CNN's Chris Cuomo.
The social network will now prohibit ads for gun safes, vests, and gun holsters, which comes after the Capitol riot.
The National Rifle Association said it plans to restructure in Texas as it faces a mountain of legal challenges.
Hours before sheltering in the Capitol, the first-term lawmaker was at the "Stop the Steal" rally encouraging Trump supporters to reject the results of the election.
The move comes after last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.
A pro-Trump lawyer urged the president’s supporters to stash “second amendment suppplies” to prepare for the future under Joe Biden.
Among his recent purchases were a 20-foot-long model rocket fuse and several accessories for a gun, which he was banned from owning.
The early morning shooting left several people with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.