Police fatally shot a lawful gun owner who'd done nothing wrong and was in her own home. Why hasn't the NRA come to her defense?
The gunman accused of killing two people outside a Halle synagogue was using homemade firearms — a far cry from military-style weaponry common in the U.S.
The former Texas congressman came around to the New Jersey senator's idea after the El Paso mass shooting.
Amanda Chase is facing backlash over the ad, which she said was a mistake.
The company says low demand is behind its decision to suspend production and sales of the gun to civilians.
Authorities are commending the mother for calling police after finding his plans to target his school on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.
The Rockdale County Sheriff's office says it may be a "stand your ground" case.
Sandy Hook Promise released the heartbreaking PSA to raise awareness about the signs of a potential school shooter.
Democrats have long contended their support for gun control laws doesn't mean they want to take away law-abiding citizen's firearms.
The bill comes six months after a gunman killed 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch.
The 27-year-old man allegedly told police that he wanted to "kill many people."
Walgreens, CVS and Wegmans have joined similar calls from Kroger and Walmart following multiple mass shootings in recent weeks.
It remains unclear how the suspect, who killed seven people and injured 23 others, obtained the AR-style rifle used in the rampage.
An FBI agent says authorities are responding to "an active shooter every other week in this country," as incidents trend up every year.
Several new laws going into effect on Sunday will make it easier to carry firearms in public places, like schools and churches.
“I’m still a little shook up," said the witness who took the video. "I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this because I never thought I would witness this."
Agents relied on Oregon's "red flag" law to take proactive measures to head off potential violence, The Oregonian reports.
The driver said he'd forgotten the weapon was in his vehicle, and school officials said there was no threat to the college.
President Trump's contradictory statements on gun policy this month have been confusing — but his stance has fluctuated many times in the last 20 years.
Following news that the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter bought his gun in Nevada, California asked its neighbor state to crack down on firearms.