Boebert, a gun-promoting extremist known for anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, said victims of a mass shooting in her state "are in my prayers."
As young student activists mobilize for more gun control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a Sandy Hook mom explains why she ultimately forgave her son’s killer.
Gunmen emerged from a black vehicle parked in the middle of the block and opened fire, said authorities, who were still searching for suspects.
Not only is it a charity single for March For Our Lives, it’s the mashup you never knew you needed.
Tenth-grader Alexandria Bell and 61-year-old physical education teacher Jean Kuczka died and seven students were wounded.
Ethan Crumbley pleaded guilty to all 24 charges, nearly a year after the attack at Oxford High School in southeastern Michigan.
Following the May shooting and similar attacks, families are asked to store students' biological samples at home in case authorities need them.
Gut-Wrenching Stats On Gun Violence In The US
A federal judge said the state couldn’t ban guns from certain sensitive locations, such as Times Square.
Americans are on track for their third-highest gun-buying year, despite a drop in monthly sales.