The "13 Minutes" star called herself "patient zero in cancel culture."
The union called it a "Hollywood ending" on Saturday, though workers still need to ratify the agreement with studios.
Matthew Loeb, president of the IATSE union, says film and TV crews are burnt out on long days and no rest — and the streaming era has made it worse.
The union representing behind-the-scenes workers on film sets says the studios haven’t shown “any sense of urgency” in contract negotiations.
The entertainment awards show was dropped by NBC for at least a year over the HFPA's stunning lack of diversity.
"Being on this pavement surrounded by all of these legends makes me a very, very, very happy man," the James Bond star said.
"Representation matters," the comedian said, arguing that roles playing Jewish women rarely go to Jews.
Almost 99% of union members approved of striking if they don't make progress on a contract, threatening to shut down TV and film production.
The behind-the-scenes workers on film and TV sets say they barely have time to sleep: "We want a quality of life that's worth living."
Released Wednesday, the first day of Latinx Heritage Month, a new Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study warns of “an epidemic of invisibility.”
The Hollywood icon knows how to rock a voluminous gown, a sleek pantsuit, a little black dress and more.
“Shucks, ma'am,” the overwhelmed actor said to a “Mummy” superfan in a Q&A about his upcoming Martin Scorsese project.
A new study describes how major movies perpetuate harmful stereotypes about AAPI people and make them the punchline.
The former Hollywood mogul is being charged for sexual assault once more after a New York jury convicted him on similar charges in early 2020.
The director and Oscar-winning actor discussed the path to a more inclusive Hollywood at the prestigious movie gathering.
The Haitian-born writer launched a mentorship program that creates a “sustainable pathway” for Black writers to build their careers in Hollywood.
Amber Tamblyn, Phylicia Rashad, Ellen Barkin, Rosanna Arquette and many more have spoken out both against and in support of Cosby being freed.
The "Pose" star spoke to NBC's Joe Fryer for "TransAmerica," which examines the trans community's triumphs and challenges in the first half of 2021.