Oval Office

Naomi Biden will marry Peter Neal on the South Lawn on Saturday in what will be the 19th wedding in White House history.
Jacob Philadelphia was just 5 when he visited the White House and taught the world why representation matters.
The White House press secretary said the letter was "very long" and the script "lovely."
Recently released texts underscore right-wing Fox News hosts' astounding influence on the former president.
During his first full day in office, President Joe Biden got rid of a button that ex-President Donald Trump used to summon a butler serving Diet Coke.
RIP, little red button that Donald Trump pressed to get his 12 Diet Cokes a day.
Out with Winston Churchill, in with Cesar Chavez.
"Dear Joe, Man Person TV Airplane Me Bye-Bye," one person speculated the ex-president wrote.
During a Fox News virtual town hall, President Donald Trump predicted more than 100,000 Americans will die from the coronavirus, a sharp increase from his earlier estimate of 60,000.
Rep. Justin Amash has announced he’s running for president as a Libertarian.