Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation Monday to enact a permanent program giving free food to K-12 students from all economic backgrounds.
The school system's policies prohibit “extreme” and “radical” haircuts. Extreme and radical to whom, exactly?
One parent reportedly called the masterpiece "pornographic."
From the OmieBox to a Bentgo bag, these cute lunch bags are functional and great for children.
Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed the bill into law Friday to cheers and hugs from some of the kids who will benefit from the program.
The takeover is the latest example of Republican and predominately white state officials pushing to take control in heavily minority and Democratic-led cities.
Mid Vermont Christian School was banned from tournaments with the Vermont Principals’ Association after forfeiting a girls basketball playoff game last month.
Sen. Steve Drazkowski said that "hunger is a relative term." More than 8% of the children in the county he represents live in poverty.
People Are Remembering The Weird Little Facts They Learned In Elementary School