Proposition 208 will add a 3.5% tax on high earners, with the money going solely to public education.
The solution to my pandemic cooking burnout as a parent came in the form of Daily Harvest's farm-frozen, healthy, pre-portioned foods.
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Students were supposed to be back in school, but many aren't. Now what?
Close to 30 teens in Attleboro, Massachusetts, will have to quarantine after the student attended classes despite getting a positive test result.
Because my child alternates between asking when it's over and falling out of his chair.
"I am screaming in my car, sobbing in my shower, staring into the darkness when it’s time to sleep. And I know that you are too."
Public colleges could lose funding if they fail to support faith-based clubs -- including clubs that blatantly discriminate against LGBTQ students.
"Week one of virtual 1st grade is 75% showing off pets."
Whether students are learning virtually or in the classroom, school during the pandemic looks quite different for everyone.
Dena Blizzard's “A SIMPLE explanation of our Simple Hybrid Plan!” is painfully real.