South Africa

The mother claims that the suspect, reportedly a school employee, was allowed to continue working for several days after the incident.
Reports in April speculated the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might head to Africa.
A handy guide to the longest shots in each group for this year’s tournament.
Poaching is a multi-billion dollar industry run by gangs. Meet the women waging a war against it.
The South African singer has wrestled with religion and faced down death threats. 2019 might be his most urgent year yet.
The roadside bomb hit a tourist bus carrying 25 people mostly from South Africa, officials said Sunday.
Only the man's skull and pants were recovered by rangers in Kruger National Park.
Rescue crews in Durban, South Africa, spent nearly four hours trying to get the child out of the drain.
The discovery has been the subject of a contentious debate.
Praised by Elton John and Madonna, the South African artist vows to "never live in fear again" in his new video.
"The Daily Show" host gets an assist from his colleague Roy Wood Jr.
The turtle was found – visibly weak and sick – on a beach in South Africa earlier this month.
The singer is set to honor the late South African leader at the Global Citizen Festival.
The president helped propagate the myth that a white genocide is unfolding on South African farms.
Welcome to Bo-Kaap, the picturesque Cape Town district, where tourism and foreign investment threaten the community.
Boys in Soweto would push bricks around in the dirt like they were cars and have demolition derbies, he says.
White supremacists have long hyped the false narrative that white South Africans are under attack in their country.
As far as wedding photobombs go, this one is tops. 🦒🌳