South Africa

Pistorius, who had his 37th birthday this week, was sent to prison in late 2014 for killing his girlfriend by shooting her through a toilet door at his home.
South Africa’s government recalled its ambassador and diplomatic mission to Israel in condemnation of the bombardment that's killed over 10,000 Palestinians.
“Over 20 years in the service, I’ve never come across something like this,” a spokesperson for the city's emergency services said.
Police in South Africa say at least 16 people, including three children, have died in a gas leak.
The scavenger took time to frolic in a South African watering hole and it was pretty cool.
The big cats and the primates weren't expecting to run into each other, and it was adorable.
The chase was on in South Africa, but it didn't last long.
Fulgence Kayishema is linked to the killing of some 2,000 people.
The king of the beasts took on the Usain Bolt of all cats in South Africa.
Rudolph Erasmus spotted the unwanted passenger midair after it crawled over him to get under his seat.