South Africa

The vaccine also appears to work against the South African variant, B.1.351.
The animal put up a heroic fight to survive in South Africa -- yet nature had other plans.
Scientists discovered a new version of the virus in South Africa that’s more contagious and less susceptible to certain treatments.
J&J said within a week, it will file an application for emergency use in the U.S., and then abroad.
Though promising, the results raise concerns about vaccines’ power as the coronavirus continues to mutate.
Other variants first reported in the United Kingdom and Brazil were previously confirmed in the U.S
The president will also restrict travel from South Africa in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.
The results from the preliminary study are "reassuring," said Pfizer's chief scientific officer.
Here are some new coronavirus discoveries, from the South Africa strain to allergic reactions to the vaccine.
The lion had a huge size advantage and showed it was agile too.