Stephen Miller

The Trump aide's uncle told Mother Jones that efforts to conceal the cause of death obscured the need for a strong "response to save others from this disease.”
Fauci told CNN that he would be working remotely for two weeks, while being tested daily for the coronavirus.
The Trump administration's immigration policies, spearheaded by Miller, are "a danger to everybody in our country," David Glosser told HuffPost.
Miller, senior White House adviser, and Waldman, press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, tied the knot Sunday at Trump International Hotel.
The resolution from Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Joaquin Castro condemns the Trump adviser whose white nationalist views have shaped immigration policy.
A growing chorus is calling for the ouster of Trump's senior adviser.
"His documented support for white nationalist and virulently anti-immigrant tropes is wholly unacceptable," the House members wrote.
Under a secret plan by Trump aide Stephen Miller, federal agents could gather information to target migrants for deportation, The Washington Post reports.
The "Full Frontal" host launched a spoof online wedding registry for the White House aide.
More than half of Senate Democrats say Miller's “demonstrable white nationalist ideology has been directly translated” into Trump administration policy.