"I am, not just deeply ashamed, but deeply sorry for those tweets," Sawyer said in response to the controversial posts, which included anti-LGBTQ language.
The law subjects people who engage in voter registration to potential fines and even criminal penalties.
The progressive activist who helped tear down Memphis' Confederate monuments will be on the ballot Oct. 3.
Tennessee state Sen. Kerry Roberts denounced colleges and universities as a “liberal breeding ground” during his radio show last week.
The Rev. Dan Reehil warned that reading the spells in the J.K. Rowling novels could conjure up actual evil spirits.
Anwar Ghazali faces up to 25 years in prison for killing 17-year-old Dorian Harris outside a corner store in Memphis, Tennessee.
The 56-year-old became the third inmate in the state to be executed in the electric chair since November.
Tennessee attempted to pass the same bill during this year’s legislative session but stopped short when lawmakers realized it would result in the state losing costly court battles.
Sherra Wright pleaded guilty Thursday to facilitation of first-degree murder in Lorenzen Wright's 2010 shooting death. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
“I could see if these people were bad criminals, but they’re not. They're just trying to provide for their kids,” a neighbor told a Nashville TV station.
The two planes backed into each other while pushing back from their respective gates on Saturday night. No injuries were reported.
Exploring the complicated racial legacy of country music reveals why the genre often goes from being a musical form to a vehicle for difficult conversations around race and identity.
A Tennessee police department's warning about "methed up" wildlife has gone viral. Here's what experts say.
Nathan Bedford Forrest Day recognizes a man known as a Confederate general, slave trader and white supremacist leader.
The day of observation calls on Tennesseans to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave-owning war criminal and Klan grand wizard.
The “Avengers” actor serenaded Nashville crowds with country classics on a bar crawl.
Family is everything to the hosts of “Here To Make Friends.” Claire Fallon and Emma Gray tour the sites of Hometown week, from the biggest panel of character witnesses to Peter’s actual true love (we don’t mean Hannah, or his family, either). This week, Hannah meets four sets of potential in-laws, who range in supportiveness on a scale from Wyatt to Weber. While Mr. and Mrs. Peter pick out china patterns, the Jeds just want her gone. In Georgia, Luke calls on his prayer group to some serious damage control. And boy, do they lay it on thick — even thicker than Tyler, whose sunscreen application seems more focused on the rubdown than UV protection. At the rose ceremony, Hannah breaks the rules and brings all four guys into fantasy suites week. But which one is careening toward a mental breakdown? Find full episodes of “Here To Make Friends” on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Acast #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor
The restaurant chain said it would not host an event by a Tennessee pastor who made death threats against gays.
The monument in Nashville's Centennial Park lists the names of more than 500 Confederate soldiers.
Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott has refused calls to resign or apologize.