The Shelby County jail has grown more deadly than the infamous Rikers Island, and it's been slow to address widespread problems.
Prostitution is typically classified as a misdemeanor in Tennessee. But that's not the case for sex workers living with HIV.
Kenneth DeHart faces murder and attempted murder charges following last week’s shooting of Blount County Deputy Greg McCowan and Deputy Shelby Eggers.
The state Senate passed a bill that would allow someone to refuse to officiate a wedding due to “the person’s conscience or religious beliefs.”
The suspect, Kenneth DeHart, 42, who allegedly drove off after the shooting in Maryville, is believed to be armed and dangerous, authorities said.
Tennessee's Paul Faye was arrested after allegedly trying to plan a violent attack against federal agents with militia groups from multiple states.
The anti-abortion activists hoped to prevent the clinic from performing abortions, according to court documents.
“The fact that you cannot put any finger on any type of real change is deafening," said one Memphis activist.
Proposals for new and improved sports stadiums are proliferating across the U.S. and could come with a hefty price tag for taxpayers.
The young Black man’s family is suing the city after he was fatally shot during a traffic stop last year.