Former Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton's administration helped fund a contract murder of a key federal witness, law enforcement officials said.
“I think this is symbolic of where we are heading as a country,” said the leader the organization that owns the park holding Nathan Bedford Forrest's remains.
Actor Joe Lara, who played Tarzan in the television series "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures," has died in a plane crash near Nashville.
The hat store sparked outrage over merchandise many described as anti-Semitic.
Witnesses said Virginia Brown yelled "no vaccine" while almost hitting seven people with her SUV.
Local media obtained surveillance footage that shows officers berating and beating William Jennette.
Tennessee’s Gov. Bill Lee has approved multiple bills targeting transgender people over the past week.
The Republican argued the bill promotes "equality," in spite of the fact it restricts trans people from using facilities that align with their gender identity.
Carter, a Republican from Ooltewah in eastern Tennessee, announced his cancer diagnosis in November.