Vice President

The former vice president will headline a get-out-the-vote rally for Kemp on May 23, putting him in direct conflict with Trump-endorsed candidate David Perdue.
More than a third of America’s 101 historically Black colleges and universities have been targeted with bomb threats on their campuses since early January.
They're finding it hard to simply state the obvious: that it is undemocratic to suggest one man can overturn the results of a free and fair election.
“Call me the white-knight hero here, talking [Trump] down from the more aggressive position,” after the election, right-wing attorney John Eastman claims.
"Well my time has come," the former vice president wrote to his staff.
The former vice president reportedly experienced symptoms associated with a slow heart rate over the past two weeks.
The former vice president says the book will take readers "on a journey from a small town in Indiana to Washington, DC."
People flocked to a Hindu temple in Thulasendrapuram to celebrate Harris, the first person of South Asian descent to hold America's second highest office.
Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman escorted Vice President Kamala Harris to the inauguration ceremony following his heroic acts during the Capitol riot.