Already accused of war crimes, Russia’s acts raise the question of whether it has crossed the line into genocide, even as Capitol Hill is reluctant to use the word.
HuffPost spoke to mothers in Ukraine, including at a Lviv maternity ward, about giving birth during wartime.
According to an AP investigation, 600 people inside and outside the building died. That's almost double the death toll cited so far and many survivors put the number even higher.
There is a grim historical precedent for what Russian forces are doing, Harvard’s Dara Kay Cohen tells HuffPost.
Ukraine's Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova is at the frontline of a legal battle to hold Russia accountable for atrocities committed in her country.
Seth Herald documents citizens in Ukraine doing their best to help while surrounded by death and destruction.
The Russian leader also insisted the campaign was going as planned.
A Ukrainian delegation visited the White House to seek speedier U.S. assistance as officials in Kramatorsk said at least 50 civilians – including five children – died.
With little support and training, Ukrainians in occupied areas are undermining Russia and fueling national and international solidarity.
Ukrainian troops are moving cautiously to retake territory north of the country’s capital as Russian forces retreat from the area.