Depression is often associated with sadness, but there's another emotional response that gets little attention.
We have been here before, and we will likely be here again. The real test is whether our collective anger can sustain.
Anger, like laughter, really can bring men together at women's expense.
Their righteous rage will pave the way for the women who come after them.
In these moments when you want to lose your cool, it's worth asking: What’s to be gained?
When children rage, they are, in fact, communicating.
We are awash in a sea of profanity. But it's not just ugly words, it's ugly ideas, expressed in crude and even violent language
Anger is not always destructive; it wouldn't have been preserved over the course of the evolution of our species if it was inherently harmful to us.
**** Ed & Deb are authors of many books. Deb is the author of Your Body Speaks Your Mind, now in 19 languages. They have
It's easier to get angry than to go to an unshakable place of loneliness. But the truth is your arbiter: It will free you
Across several types of conflicts in Northern Europe, media users respond in unmistakably similar ways: by claiming to be
As a result, people's responses range from fear of bullying, to a dread of a Nazi Germany-style dictatorship, to concerns
Less Cancer has been at the forefront of informing people on everything from lifestyle to the environmental risks associated
If we do approach the topic, we have to do it while trying our best to respect the other person's opinion. This requires
Having arguments became our normal routine, and love was lost somewhere between our egos and power struggle. Before things
I have a bit of a temper on the tennis court. If I miss a shot, there are times I can't help but yell out some choice words
If you stayed home and didn't vote or effectively cast your lot for now President-elect Trump by voting for a third party