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The "Fox & Friends" co-host later deleted the long-debunked tweet and apologized... but got her name wrong in the process.
"I went down, I looked at it," the president said of his time in the underground Presidential Emergency Operations Center.
Things got awkward on Thursday's episode of "Fox & Friends" during a discussion about coronavirus beach bans.
Brian Kilmeade saluted Wisconsin for forcing thousands of people out to vote during the coronavirus pandemic.
“Everyone thinks that New York City is the hot spot and that’s the only one that’s going to be, but that’s not true," the "Fox & Friends" host was told by a medical contributor.
"No, please don't," Fox News host Harris Faulkner interrupted her colleague.
The Fox News host reminded his colleagues that the former national security adviser was once a regular fixture on their program.
The "Fox & Friends" co-host urged the president to stay off Twitter and let his GOP allies "fight it out" with Democrats in the impeachment inquiry.
Co-host Brian Kilmeade, joined by Sen. Lindsay Graham, criticized the president's move to withdraw support for Kurdish fighters ahead of a Turkish military assault.
Brian Kilmeade made a shock admission about a key Trump campaign promise.