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Co-host Brian Kilmeade, joined by Sen. Lindsay Graham, criticized the president's move to withdraw support for Kurdish fighters ahead of a Turkish military assault.
Brian Kilmeade made a shock admission about a key Trump campaign promise.
"I refuse to contribute to anyone's hateful bullshit," Shu Shop's owner posted about Kilmeade's show at the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham.
President Donald Trump frequently uses the phrase that allegedly was parroted by the suspected El Paso shooter.
The president tweeted an attempt at clarification on Thursday morning, just after the show aired.
Brian Kilmeade called the president a "bold businessman" and insisted “nothing" about the New York Times report should surprise people.
While on "Fox & Friends," the White House press secretary went off on Democrats and the Mueller report.
The "Fox & Friends" co-host criticized parts of the speech the president gave Wednesday at a tank factory in Ohio.
But an NFL player told the host he agrees with the ad's progressive messaging.
Brian Kilmeade said Trump is giving Russia a big win and "doing exactly what he criticized President Obama for doing."
The "Fox & Friends" host said former president Barack Obama is fearmongering just like Trump is accused of doing.
“What about diseases? ... That’s part of the reason why America’s America. There’s a process,” host Brian Kilmeade said.
The “Fox & Friends” co-host bashed CBS’ Lesley Stahl for asking Trump about climate science.
Of the Kavanaugh allegations, he said he "didn’t know your ninth and 10th grade actions could really reflect on what happens in the Supreme Court.”
Even Brian Kilmeade called the president's remarks "ridiculous."
"These are people from another country," said Kilmeade of kids separated from their parents at the border.
Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade justified forced family separation by saying, “These aren’t our kids.”
Fox News host Laura Ingraham has lost 19 advertisers and counting after her attack on Parkland shooting survivor and March For Our Lives activist David Hogg.
Brian Kilmeade just told viewers he doesn't get a flu shot -- and that's incredibly irresponsible.
A tale of Trump tweets, Dean Cain and an emoji cheeseburger.