The faculty senate of Purdue University Northwest has demanded the resignation of Chancellor Thomas Keon despite his apology over his impression.
People Are Sharing Their Absolute Worst Party Horror Stories
“Stanford’s after-hours disciplinary charge, and the reckless nature of submission to Katie, caused ... an acute stress reaction,″ states the lawsuit.
“It does not advance the best ideals of legal education or the profession we serve," Harvard Law School's dean wrote.
Sophia Rosing's attorney said the 22-year-old, arrested on campus at the University of Kentucky, is "very embarrassed about what happened."
The fur was flying on "The Late Show" on Wednesday night.
The idea of college students destressing with animals was apparently cat-astrophic for the hosts of “Outnumbered.”
“I don't think these kids need cats, I think they need discipline. I think they need a slap in the face," sniped "Outnumbered" co-host Emily Compagno.
The Tennessee State University professor yelled at a student that they had failed the course and screamed, "get out" of his classroom.
A federal appeals court has issued a stay temporarily blocking President Joe Biden's plans to forgive student loan debt.