Their union said they’re protesting the university’s “unlawful behavior” amid pro-Palestinian demonstrations.
In one high-profile instance at Columbia University in New York, more than 100 students were arrested Thursday.
Wisconsin will be pivotal to winning the presidential election in November. Here's how Trump and Biden are doing with young voters there.
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Loan cancellation was originally set to begin in July under the new SAVE repayment plan, but it’s being accelerated to provide faster relief to borrowers, President Joe Biden said.
The "Ted" actor gushed about finally getting a college experience after skipping out on higher education for Hollywood decades ago.
The sketch mocked both university presidents and politicians involved in Tuesday's congressional hearing about hate speech on college campuses.
Relatives of the three college students say the media is focusing on the mental health of the gunman rather than a motive of hate.
"In my mind, I’m still planning for parents weekend, Thanksgiving, sending his winter clothes. ... None of this will happen."
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