The court acted as defense counsel in response to threats of congressional inquiries into its ethical lapses.
Kurt DelBene, the husband of Rep. Suzan DelBene, has been allowed to keep $15 million in future Microsoft stock for his family while overseeing a federal department that hands out massive tech contracts.
WarnerMedia's CEO also said Allison Gollust, who had a secret relationship with Zucker, had resigned on Tuesday.
New York's Joint Commission on Public Ethics voted that the former governor violated a promise not to use state resources or staffers to prepare the book.
The star anchor said he understands why he had to leave the network and that he never meant to "compromise" his colleagues.
The Interior Department's Ben Cassidy had direct contact with former NRA colleagues and helped install gun advocates on two advisory councils.
Amy Coney Barrett and other Supreme Court justices are not bound by the same rules as other judges, noted former government ethics chief Walter Shaub.
The network's new contributor is set to be keynote speaker at a Mar-a-Lago GOP fundraiser.
The potential ethics violations were sent last year to the Justice Department, which declined to investigate Trump's transportation secretary.