federal employees

The president asked all members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel to resign. Two declined and were fired.
Federal workers have now missed two paychecks, as the partial government shutdown continues.
Furloughed federal employees may be able to get up to an ounce of free pot.
"I don't quite understand why" they're using food pantries, the commerce secretary said.
“FBI agents should not have to go work at a store stocking shelves because they can’t feed their families," said the FBI Agents Association president.
A pantry dedicated to Coast Guard families in need went through three months' worth of diapers in two weeks.
The self-proclaimed billionaire president does not appear to be doing anything to help with their household finances.
A group of organizations associated with the aviation industry urged Donald Trump and other leaders to put an end to the partial shutdown.
"I don't know how long financially that our family will be able to hang in there," Lisa Honan told CNN.
The union said employees can't be forced to work without pay.