geraldo rivera

Rivera cited friction with "one or more" of "The Five" panelists and said things had grown "very tense on the set."
The TV news veteran celebrated being "liberated" and "free, free at last" during an appearance on rival network CNN.
The veteran broadcaster told "The View" that his “ideology does not fit Fox” and that he “should have left” the network back in 2011.
Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News mainstay since 2001, is leaving the network after being let go from “The Five.”
Rivera, the show's more moderate foil, joined "The Five" early last year.
The veteran television personality says “a growing tension that goes beyond editorial differences” made it no longer worth it to him.
Absolutely no one liked the Fox News host's idea for keeping Trump out of the White House.
Fox News' Geraldo Rivera asked the ex-attorney general about Trump's fitness for the White House.
The veteran conservative commentator is one of the few Fox personalities to slam Tucker Carlson following his sudden exit.
Look, you gotta do something to pass the time when you're home "sick."