geraldo rivera

“You were driving on ecstasy?" asked Rivera's stunned co-host Emily Compagno following his revelation.
It involves Donald Trump, who remains banned from the social media platform.
The Russian leader "was a wuss when Trump was president," the Fox News host shouted at her colleague.
The Fox News personalities clashed over a Republican spot questioning the president's ability to lead.
The Fox News veteran debuted a damning new nickname for the Republican side of the Senate.
The description could certainly apply to some of his colleagues at Fox News.
"The record to me is pretty damn clear that there was a riot that was incited and encouraged and unleashed by Trump,” Rivera told The New York Times.
“If you come into my grandchildren’s house and you are not vaccinated, I’m going to kick you in the ass," Rivera told Fox News colleague Greg Gutfeld.
“I think you’ve been, with all due respect and I love you, gaslighting, changing the subject," Rivera told his fellow Fox News personality.
"You know nothing about me!" Leo Terrell shouted after Rivera asked him when he was last in the ghetto.