Rep. Liz Cheney is at war with her own party over her views about ex-President Donald Trump.
Pfizer plans to ask for approval to administer its COVID-19 vaccine to children ages 2 to 11.
Facebook’s Oversight Board is upholding the suspension of former President Donald Trump from the platform for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot … but there’s a catch.
A federal judge has ruled that a Trump-era Justice Department memo regarding the Russia investigation must be made public.
In an exclusive interview with HuffPost, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe, reacted to Rick Santorum’s recent claim that “there isn’t much Native American culture" in America.
A Mexico City metro overpass collapsed, killing at least 20 and injuring dozens.
Don Lemon lost his cool after Chris Cuomo asked commentator Rick Santorum about recent racist comments.
“It just isn’t fair.” Caitlyn Jenner, who is running for California governor, said transgender girls shouldn’t compete in women’s sports at school.
Ex-President Donald Trump thinks a controversial recount in Arizona could be his path back to the White House.
Florida’s Republican governor is set to pass new measures that would curb mail-in voting and access to ballot drop boxes.