Jared Moskowitz

“As a former director of emergency management, I know a disaster when I see one," quipped Rep. Jared Moskowitz.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz declared that Republicans don't have "any questions" about a scandal involving one former Trump White House adviser.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz sent a scathing message to House Oversight Committee Republicans.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz of Florida repeatedly brought up another element of the poll cited by Fox News host Lawrence B. Jones.
As Republicans on the House Oversight Committee fondly remembered the Trump years, Rep. Jared Moskowitz reminded them what their hero has been up to.
Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz also warned people to "buckle up and strap in" for the GOP 2024 presidential primary.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) poked fun at the House Oversight Committee chair's revelation about the GOP's Biden family investigation.
"You’re the chairman. I’m just a lowly Democratic freshman," Rep. Jared Moskowitz told House Oversight and Reform Chair James Comer.