lead poisoning

Wildlife rescuer Ariel Cordova-Rojas said the 17-pound bird suffered from lead poisoning.
The former New York City mayor sided with landlords over kids of color in a long-forgotten battle that could dog him in 2020.
As celebrities arrived on the VMAs red carpet in New Jersey, demonstrators expressed their fury at the ongoing lead contamination problem.
Experts say it’s most effective to intervene before the age of 5.
Mayor Ras Baraka is facing calls to step down amid the crisis.
The New Jersey city discovered a small number of filters installed to remove lead were not functioning as effectively as expected.
Castro, a former Housing and Urban Development secretary, is the first presidential hopeful to announce a dedicated plan on the issue.
Lead exposure can impair brain function and cause miscarriages, and yet millions of lead pipes remain in use.
The federal plan is “a significant step backward in progress to end lead poisoning for children in the United States,” a health justice scholar said.
With early intervention services, Illinois pilot study's creators say lead exposure doesn't have to be a life sentence.