Lloyd Austin

Military service members must immediately begin to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a memo.
The 18 aircraft will be used to ferry people out of temporary safe havens and staging bases outside of Afghanistan.
President Joe Biden said last week that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.
An independent review found that although military leadership touted policies of no tolerance, junior women endured sexual harassment nearly daily.
Defense Department officials said Trump-era policies largely banning transgender people from serving in the military will be swept away.
Several dozen Trump loyalists who were appointed at the last minute will be forced to resign from policy boards.
The changes primarily allow women soldiers more flexibility, introducing the ability to wear longer styles tied back for quick movement.
The president is expected to repeal the Trump-era ban that prevents openly trans Americans from serving in the military as soon as Monday.
Lloyd Austin, in his first directive since taking office, moved on his pledge to immediately address sexual misconduct in the ranks.
President Biden made history by nominating Austin. But picking a retired general also threatens the bedrock democratic principle of civilian control of the military.