"We don’t even know if this marriage will make it to the five-year anniversary. And dare I say it... I’ll be OK if it doesn’t."
The former county clerk faced immense backlash for issuing licenses to six LGBTQ couples 39 years before Colorado embraced marriage equality.
The ruling underscores how divisive the issue remains in Japan, the only member of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations that does not recognize same-sex unions.
"Nobody has ever been more surprised than a husband hearing about his wife's plans for the second time."
Britney’s Married!
Disney apologized to the pair and promised "to make it right."
"Married someone who’s an extrovert so I have someone to represent me at social functions while I stay home."
“Our little girl is finally home.” In honor of Mother’s day, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas revealed the first photo of their baby girl.
Justin Bieber recalled having an “emotional breakdown” after realizing marriage wouldn’t be able to fix his problems.