These are the traits divorce lawyers value most in a relationship.
"I am getting so many answers right on 'Jeopardy!' tonight my husband just asked, very seriously, 'Is this a re-run?'"
The couple were wed in front of a small group of friends and family, including Bongiovi's dad, singer Jon Bon Jovi.
The "Glass Onion" actor opened up about her relationship with her first husband, rocker Chris Robinson.
"My husband is out of town, but the cupboard doors are still open, so now I have to face some cold hard truths about myself."
"We have reached the point of Tupperware ownership where my wife is buying Tupperware to store our Tupperware."
The "View" co-host cares a lot about the feelings of some people — just not a potential spouse.
"Marriage is between two people: one person who is on the verge of sleep and one person who is asking if the front door is locked."
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback gushed about his spouse during a recent podcast appearance.