Grant Woods revealed why the late Arizona senator really didn’t spend time "thinking about Trump or worrying about Trump or any of that."
The MSNBC anchor invited viewers to see the truth of the MeidasTouch commercial.
Progressive PAC MeidasTouch urges people to #RejectGOPFascism with its new spot exploring how Trump follows the demagogic playbook.
"Reject these poisonous voices," urges the new spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch.
The #CancelTheGOP spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch ends with a Dr. Seuss-style ding of Republicans.
“Trump’s connection with religion is like his connection with reality — it is nonexistent and he assaults it every day," said the progressive PAC MeidasTouch.
Trump's admission to Bob Woodward in February that the coronavirus is "deadly stuff" inspired a raft of spots slamming the president.
Progressive super PAC MeidasTouch compares Trump's promises to the reality of America in 2020.
"The hoax is coming from inside the house," the progressive PAC MeidasTouch warned in its latest spot.
Progressive PAC MeidasTouch spelled out where some Trump campaign funds are being spent in its new ad.