"MAGA Marge is coming," says the new spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch.
#TrumpIsGuilty trended on Twitter after progressive PAC MeidasTouch released its latest clip.
A conservative group asked the House minority leader a blunt question about Jan. 6.
“These aren’t leaders of a political movement, they’re leaders of a cult. And they kill," progressive PAC MeidasTouch says about its #TrumpCultKills spot.
The montage history of horrific GOP statements, seen hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter, shows Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has plenty of company.
Grant Woods revealed why the late Arizona senator really didn’t spend time "thinking about Trump or worrying about Trump or any of that."
The MSNBC anchor invited viewers to see the truth of the MeidasTouch commercial.
Progressive PAC MeidasTouch urges people to #RejectGOPFascism with its new spot exploring how Trump follows the demagogic playbook.
"Reject these poisonous voices," urges the new spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch.
The #CancelTheGOP spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch ends with a Dr. Seuss-style ding of Republicans.