name change

When Blackness and queerness intersect, the power of a name intensifies.
"What exactly happens to the original marriage? In fact, whose wife am I?"
John James Audubon enslaved and sold people, and his writings promoted the idea of white supremacy.
Washoe tribe expresses "great appreciation" for the "Tahoe Palisades" change that "many have worked toward for decades," said the Tribal Council chairman.
The rap mogul just filed legal documents in a California court saying he wants the new name for "personal reasons."
The automaker said the stunt was meant to highlight its move toward electric vehicles.
When a name change for the 436-acre state park in Putnam Valley was proposed in 2015, Trump threatened to take back the land.
The vote came less than a year after the city council decided to rename The Paseo for the civil rights icon.
Many baby names and adult name-change petitions have faced scrutiny.
The British government doesn’t recognize me as British.