National Labor Relations Board

A new landmark case from the National Labor Relations Board creates real consequences for illegal union-busting.
Labor board prosecutors also say the company illegally fired a union supporter and withheld raises from workers who organized.
Prosecutors said the grocer spread “false and misleading information” about the union and punished workers for trying to wear union pins.
A new complaint says the company removed pro-union literature from its store and "interfered" with workers trying to organize.
A complaint filed Tuesday alleges the dinner-theater chain’s management tried to get workers to withdraw support for their union.
A three-judge panel upheld a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board against the Tesla chief executive.
The chain's famous CEO also faces a possible subpoena before the U.S. Senate to address union-busting allegations.
The labor board judge said a broad ruling was necessary to ensure Starbucks stopped “infringing in any other manner on rights guaranteed employees.”
The online retail giant paid Katie Lev's firm hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to defeat an organizing campaign in New York.
By disputing the Amazon Labor Union’s win at the JFK8 warehouse, the online retail giant has delayed bargaining a first contract.