National Labor Relations Board

A looming Democratic majority is expected to reverse Trump-era precedents that hurt organized labor.
The NLRB will still be under a Republican majority, but perhaps not for long.
The union lost decisively in a preliminary vote count but says the company broke the law.
Everyone wants to know who wins, but be ready for challenged ballots, days or weeks of waiting for results and a protracted legal fight.
The new acting general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board appears to be winding down his predecessor's fight with the labor protest icon.
The retail giant says it's worried about low participation with mail-in ballots. But experts say it's more about delay and intimidation.
It's a precedent-setting move that unions argued is necessary to protect workers' rights.
The workers will soon determine whether the retail giant has its first unionized facility in the U.S.
What Biden decides to do about Peter Robb could be a bellwether for how he governs -- as a moderate consensus-builder or a hard-nosed progressive.