National Labor Relations Board

Starbucks Workers United filed unfair labor practice charges over the CEO’s comment that he could never embrace a union.
A regional director with the labor board says Starbucks broke so many laws that it irreparably tainted the union election process in western New York.
An official with the National Labor Relations Board filed a wide-ranging complaint accusing the coffee chain of violating workers’ rights.
With more workers at Amazon, Starbucks and elsewhere seeking union elections, Democrats are calling for a $94 million budget increase at the NLRB.
The NLRB went to federal court seeking an injunction, accusing Starbucks of illegal retaliation against workers.
Jennifer Abruzzo, general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board, said “captive audience” meetings are inherently coercive and should be outlawed.
Years of flat funding -- even under a Democratic Congress -- has left the National Labor Relations Board bleeding staff, imperiling its mission to protect workers.
The San Francisco Chronicle threatened a copy editor for emailing managers about union matters. Her union says the paper broke the law.
Workers at a fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, will vote for a second time whether to form Amazon’s first U.S. union.