Ronny Chieng

"F**k this guy," the "Daily Show" correspondent said of Fox personality Jesse Watters in his commentary.
Comedian Ronny Chieng is grumbling about climate change ruining Christmas trees, Santa's ride and booze.
The former "Daily Show" host brought his political comedy to Stand Up for Heroes, alongside John Oliver, Hasan Minhaj and Ronny Chieng.
The comedian and “Daily Show” correspondent makes a hilariously compelling point for candidacy.
Chieng joked that “there’s just something about this guy that makes me want to vote for him based on zero research.”
Ronny Chieng says he's not Randall Park and that's not Michelle Yeoh in the SAG Awards photo. In other words, "do better," Remy Hii says.
Perhaps unintentionally, the funny guy has emerged a champion for the Asian immigrant community.
The hilarious Chieng told Stephen Colbert it's been a while since the upper echelon was properly represented. 😂😂😂
Trevor Noah predicts a sponsorship deal for the unit.