sean duffy

The New York congresswoman slammed claims that addressing climate change was an elitist issue.
Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) also pointed to "the good things" that came from the shooting of black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina.
But he was happy to suggest Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Apparently, black folks are being targeted by the abortion industry.
Wall Street watchdogs are worried about several Dem defections.
As a law enforcement strategy, Operation Choke Point is pretty ho-hum. For decades, anti-money laundering laws have required
To get back to that level and maybe even surpass it, we need someone in charge at the Federal Reserve who understands that creating conditions that increase the purchasing power of American workers' paychecks is a part of her mandate. From what she's said and done so far, it appears Janet Yellen is exactly that kind of Fed chair.
As for those legitimate businesses that Duffy suggests are being forced to close, neither Issa nor any other Republican has
Republican lawmakers say the CFPB's efforts to get more insight into financial markets invades consumers' privacy. The bureau
"From my perspective, and I come from a very 50-60 district in central and northern Wisconsin, you have people on our side
Ryan said last week the two sides were "trying to find common ground, but we're not there yet." Representative Todd Rokita
Wife Of GOP Rep. Defends Massive Food Stamp Cut
Most House Republicans, including Duffy, have been unwilling to pass a government funding bill that doesn't dismantle or