Your muscles and joints need some TLC when you're done working out. Here's why and how to do it properly.
These simple mobility moves don’t just ease aches and discomfort, they’ll protect your lower back, upper back and spine, too.
If you're experiencing back pain, neck tension, muscle tightness or stress, these moves are for you.
Exercise has tons of mental health benefits, but sometimes it's hard to do during this coronavirus pandemic. Enter these stretches.
Vinny Bonanno is the founder of Stretching in Public. This self-acclaimed “former fat kid with nonstop hone-able energy” started “a movement of movement,” aimed at bringing mindfulness and physical wellness to the public. He performs yoga stretches in public - including in crowded airports, streets, on subway platforms and cars, and essentially anywhere he can grab ordinary people’s attention.
While the formulas developed at the University of Montreal aren't commercially available, this study highlights the potential
Just a few minutes of yoga will help strengthen and stretch your upper body.
Stretching is a great way to take a moment for yourself. Learn more about this mindful technique and how you can incorporate it into your life.