The delivery app came under fire earlier this summer after a New York Times report shed light on delivery workers' hectic jobs.
Is your tip really going to the person who delivered your food? Maybe not.
A New York Times report detailed the company's practice of counting customer gratuity toward drivers' promised wages.
The Fox News host told viewers to "ask any waiter how well progressives tip. Seriously, ask a waiter."
The grocery delivery company faced scrutiny after reports revealed that customer tips were being used to pay workers' wages.
Furniture delivery, coffee shops and hair salons all come with unique sets of rules.
The restaurant owner-in-chief wants to give employers more control over workers' gratuities. What could possibly go wrong?
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Montana hotel workers reach a whopping $4 million settlement.
It's unfair and discriminatory, but it also serves our egos.
When Grub ran into Danny Meyer at this year's MoMA Party in the Garden, we asked him, of course, about the state of his no-tipping policy and the difficulties faced by his fellow restaurateurs making the change.