voter turnout

Boosting voter turnout could restore trust in elections and make our democracy more representative.
When We All Vote, a nonpartisan initiative, says Americans should have greater access to voting by mail — despite President Trump’s opposition to it.
Candidates on both sides of the aisle have rarely formalized their attempts to draw in Muslims. Sanders has succeeded and lifted up an often-overlooked voter base.
College-educated voters have bounced from candidate to candidate all primary season – and they’ve settled on the former vice president.
In the past week alone, Democratic groups have filed three challenges to voting restrictions in different places.
The new tele-caucus systems are aimed at boosting voter participation.
O’Rourke proposed implementing same-day and automatic voter registration across all 50 states, an effort he claims will register 50 million more Americans to vote.
Analysis by the Pew Research Center provides evidence against the long-held notion that younger generations in the U.S. don’t turn out to vote.
Turnout in last year's midterm elections also spiked among Hispanic and Asian voters.
City commissioners came up with an elegantly simple solution.