The military will "act strongly" to control the wildfires, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro promised.
The rainforest is burning amid increasing deforestation by farmers and ranchers.
Controlled burning makes the land more resilient to wildfire and brings neighbors in this California community together.
There’s a clear link between cheatgrass, which covers more than 100 million acres across the West, and rangeland megafires.
The state experienced its most destructive and deadliest wildfire ever in 2018.
About 100 National Guard personnel will get to work thinning California's high-risk forests next month.
Brandon McGlover, 33, pleaded guilty to setting the fire that destroyed more than 13,000 acres east of Los Angeles.
The November 2018 wildfires were some of the most expensive in state history.
Under a PG&E bankruptcy, wildfire victims likely won’t get all of the money they have sued for, experts have said.
Areas devastated by last year’s wildfires are especially at risk, officials said.
Pacific Gas and Electric faces billions of dollars in claims stemming from recent infernos, including the Camp wildfire.
The state’s deadliest fire ever was also the world’s costliest catastrophe in 2018.
In 2018, record-breaking wildfires and historic levels of rain have hit the U.S.
Dennis Dickey, the border patrol agent responsible for the blast, said he felt "absolutely horrible" for his role in triggering the 45,000-acre Arizona fire.
Officials will be battling the blaze for months to come, but they have secured a line around the fire.
The historic wildfire has killed at least 85 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes.
After the deadliest wildfire in state history, a downpour in the same area heightened the possibility of mudslides.
These Northern Californians have lost their homes to the Camp Fire inferno.
Some 700 people remain unaccounted for in the Camp fire, down from nearly 1,300 just days earlier.
Luckily, Californian Rachelle Sanders ultimately didn't have to make that sacrifice.