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Pee- And Poo-Themed Toys For Potty-Obsessed Kids

Crappy Christmas to one and all!
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Whether your kid is at the potty-training stage, fresh out of diapers or old enough to know better, you can probably get them to giggle with toilet humour.

Toys and books about peeing and pooping can be great for getting little ones interested in using the potty. And there are so many funny, cute and sometimes horrifying toys and games out there for older kids who’ve held onto their fascination with all things toilet-themed.

Our 2020 pee-and-poo toy guide may make grown-ups flush, but we guarantee your kids will love this sh*t.

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Live Little Pets Gotta Go Flamingo ― $50

Toys for potty-obsessed kids

Live Little Pets Gotta Go Flamingo ― $50

This electronic flamingo toy mimics back everything you say in a high-pitched voice, swallows its food with totally extra neck motions, and sings, “Uh-oh, gotta go, Uh-oh, gotta-go, uh-oh, gotta go!” on repeat. Also, it grunts as it passes ‘magic poop’ on the toilet. You will loathe it as much as your kids will love it. Age 4+ Buy it from Canadian Tire.

Tinycorns Baby Alive ― $25

You might want to invest in extra diapers (sold separately) for this small-bladdered girl in unicorn attire, because after every swig from her sparkly sippy cup, it’s changing time! For age 3+ Buy it at ToysRUs.

FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Toy ― $25

This kitty comes with a leash, a pooper scooper and “poop nuggets” in an array of realistic hues. The strained expression on its face is ... disconcerting. Buy it from Indigo.

Babyborn Magic Potty Surprise ― $93

So ... this doll pees glitter and poos charms. Also, kids can harvest her poo charms from the potty to make a bracelet. Just don’t let them tell their friends where those gems have been. Buy it from

Plush Toilet Paper, Pee and Poop Emoji Toys ― $78

These soft toys mean your potty-obsessed little darling can hug what means so much to them all night long. The seller is Canadian, and these handmade toys are as kawaii as they come. Age 3+ Buy them from Etsy.

Poopsie Slime Surprise ― $5

If your child is desperate to make magical unicorn poop, relief is here. This pack comes with 10 surprises, and the makers promise “ultra-rare gold leaf to fully glamourize slime.” Buy it from Chapters/Indigo.

Poop Snow Tube ― $20

Dashing through the snowwww, on a giant blow-up poooooo! Get the kids outdoors on a snowy day to enjoy the ― fresh air? ― on this 35-inch poop emoji. May they rule the runs! Buy it from Toys R Us.

Cardinal Pass the Poop Game ― $15

The wholesome children’s party game “pass the parcel” ― only make it crappy. For ages 3+. Buy it from

Hangrees World’s Poopiest Robots ― $40

As well as having cheap-laugh names like Pooptimus Prime and The Turdinator, these slime-pooping robots come with potty-themed toy food accessories like “Mac and Squeeze,” “Frosted Farts” and “Stanky Fart Juice.” There’s also a teeny tiny whoopie cushion. Buy them from Chapters/Indigo.

Toys for Baby Play Gym ― $74

Start ’em young and get ’em giggling with this handmade hanging crochet toy set for babies that includes a smiley-faced turd. It dangles not entirely inoffensively among the ice cream cone, baby bottle, tooth, fruit and rattle toys in this unique gym. Buy it from Etsy.

Pooparoos Surpriseroos ― $9

Kids won’t quite know which Pooparoo Surpriseroo they’ve snagged until they open the toilet seat and see which squishy toy lurks inside. These little guys eat and poop, then it’s your child’s job to scoop. Buy them from Mastermind Toys.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood Potty Time Toy ― $26

Get a toddler pumped about ditching diapers thanks to Daniel and his tiger toilet, which sings a potty song and makes real flushing sounds. Buy it from

Paw Patrol: Potty Patrol ― $14

Little kids can learn to use the loo with their favourite canine law-enforcement squad. This board book from Random House will help them go through the motions. Buy it from Mastermind Toys.

Corolle Doll Mon Grand: Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby Paul ― $90

This anatomically correct vinyl doll comes with his own potty, where he can take a pee, after drinking from his refillable bottle. Buy it from Treasure Island Toys.

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