"I've not seen a quarterback get more love for doing less," the former Notre Dame star said of the Jets player.
The Cleveland Browns quarterback was accused of sexual misconduct by two dozen women while he played for the Houston Texans.
"That was awesome," the former first-round pick said after New York's victory over the Atlanta Braves.
The superstar will stay a Laker -- and an astoundingly compensated one.
Police in Texas say that Yaqub Talib — the brother of ex-NFL star Aqib Talib — turned himself in on Monday.
Two people familiar with the negotiations tell the AP that talks between the NFL and NFL Players Association on a discipline settlement for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson have progressed.
The PGA Tour is in Delaware for the first time and so is Tiger Woods.
“I just knew it was going to be the most liberating feeling when I had that surgery and to be in the body I knew I had to be,” the Australian Olympic star said.
LeBron James Jr. wowed the Parisian crowd — and his famous father.
Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson said the new ownership group, which includes two Black women, was a major move for diversity in the NFL.