Momiji Nishiya of Japan won the women's street competition. The other medal winners in the event were 13 and 16.
Eugene Chung says he was told during a job interview that Asian Americans were “not the right minority” in the NFL.
Many competitors were stuck on the dock, helplessly blocked by a boat containing cameras.
Daley, who paired with Matty Lee to win the 10-meter synchronized platform for Britain, delivered a powerful message to LGBTQ fans.
The American swimmers burned up the pool with the third-fastest time ever, but Dressel had something else on his to-do list.
The swimmer steamed up the pool with a remarkably fast time to steal the spotlight from Caeleb Dressel.
Canadian soccer player Quinn became the first openly transgender athlete to participate in the Olympics.
She said she wanted to highlight the "importance of everyone treated with respect and dignity."
Amazingly, Peru’s Angelo Caro Narvaez got back up and continued his skateboarding routine despite this agonizing moment.
Ariarne Titmus won the 400-meter, and coach Dean Boxall won the internet meme game.