"I’ve been reluctant to admit to myself or anyone else that I have to move on from playing tennis," the 23-time Grand Slam champion said in an essay for Vogue.
The new Brooklyn Nets player joked that he was lucky not to be "grounded" after his mother Deborah Kingwood fell in their one-on-one game.
It's time to ponder a tennis world without Serena Williams, as the GOAT talked about her approaching "freedom."
The PGA Tour is asking a federal judge not to allow three suspended players from LIV Golf to take part in the FedEx Cup playoffs.
"I am mature enough to know that the word I said was shameful," the assistant head coach said.
The MLB's all-time hits leader was honored in Philadelphia with other members of the World Series-winning 1980 Phillies on Sunday.
The Cleveland Browns quarterback was suspended for six games after accusations of sexual misconduct from two dozen women.
The Hall of Famer was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history.
The league’s investigation also found the Dolphins did not intentionally lose games during the 2019 season.
Olympia showed off some fancy footwork at an Angel City FC game.