Duane Kuiper's TMI slip came after the half-inning was over, and the broadcast was presumably cutting to a commercial.
The ESPN star showed he has the perfect arm ... for sports commentary.
As of Tuesday night, Tom Willis had thrown the first pitch at 29 different Major League Baseball stadiums, with just one more to go.
The bird then seemed to do a victory lap around the stadium as fans cheered.
Dale Mooney, a 30-year season ticket holder, was pronounced dead at a hospital after an alleged altercation at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts.
Henry Blackburn's penalized takedown of Colorado's Travis Hunter reportedly left the two-way star with a lacerated liver.
Footage revealed the devastating moment of contact for the Browns star after the network didn't show it.
The public admission comes more than a month after news that the golfing legend wagered more than $1 billion over the last three decades
Police arrested the band director on several charges after he refused to tell his musicians to stop playing.
The Patriots coach has seen better days and now he's taking it out on the challenge flag.