The 23-year-old four-time Grand Slam champion, who is representing Japan, lit the cauldron that will stay illuminated for the entirety of the Games.
A USA Gymnastics spokesperson said the team is “focused on preparation” for the competions.
The team announced it will now be called the Cleveland Guardians. In 2019, it removed an offensive caricature used on uniforms after years of backlash.
Is it even an Olympics ceremony now without Pita Taufatofua and his oiled-up torso?
Previous efforts at a moment of silence for the 1972 athletes and coaches were rejected.
After the Larry Nassar scandal, advocates are calling on sports groups, gyms and more to commit to preventing child sexual abuse by adopting the set of principles.
"With all the fashion designers in Italy you’d think their #Olympics outfit will come harder than this," one Twitter user joked.
The so-called "social service announcement" targeted Blacks and national anthem protests.
With a blaze of indigo and white fireworks lighting the night sky, the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony got underway.
Tokyo’s summer heat has already prompted organizers to move the marathons and race-walking events to the cooler city of Sapporo.