The running back was charged with aggravated menacing for the alleged gun threat.
The NFL has warned clubs that inappropriate questions will result in the loss of a draft pick and a fine.
Kylie Kelce is taking no chances after last year's Super Bowl in which a player's wife had to leave the game to deliver their child.
The Baseball Hall of Famer recalled the article of clothing he wore “in front of thousands of” New Yorkers in 2004.
Former NFL running back Arian Foster remarked that he and his team were “dedicated” to a script provided by the league.
The backup offensive lineman, Josh Sills, has been indicted on rape and kidnapping charges.
The teen bull rider was reportedly in cardiac arrest after the bull threw him to the arena floor.
The 22-year-old assistant JV coach in Portsmouth, Virginia, was canned after the girl's parents complained to school officials.
The man known as the "Golden Jet" was a two-time NHL MVP who helped the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in 1961.
Pratt can be seen venting near the locker room about Ossai's penalty that enabled the Chiefs to kick the game-winning field goal.