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sick leave

Canada faces the spectre of "the greatest increase in inequality on record" amid soaring investments and disappearing jobs, Oxfam says.
Doctors and advocates have warned the pandemic has been fuelled by poor sick leave policies.
People are under pressure to keep working even if they are not feeling well.
The NDP leader says he will keep pushing Trudeau for permanent sick leave for all workers.
For 10 multinational companies operating in Ontario, it would have been 0.8 per cent of gross profits.
With the exception of Prince Edward Island, no province or territory guarantees a minimum number of paid sick days for employees. Across the country, young people, seniors and low-wage workers are the hardest hit. Less than half of young and older employees work in jobs that provide paid sick days. The lower an employee's pay, the less likely they are to be covered by a voluntary sick days policy. This needs to change.
It has been widely reported over the last few months that the Harper Conservatives want to attack the working conditions of public service workers by drastically weakening their sick leave provisions. In true Conservative "divide and conquer" fashion, they hope that this will pit unionized public service workers against the larger group of non-unionized workers in the private sector.