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women's rights

In an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinam, Markle discussed Harry owning his feminism.
Even before she was a duchess, Meghan Markle was a humanitarian.
“50 per cent of sexually active teens do not have a disrupted hymen.”
“If I was going to be looking at how gender is being activated in this particular campaign, what’s striking to me is that it isn’t."
She paid a visit to the memorial for a murdered South African student this week.
There are cultural differences between anti-abortion movements in Canada and in the U.S.
There are few details about the "major Canadian release" that right-wing organizations are talking about.
Sexual harassment can happen anywhere. And anyone can help stop it.
Canada has a chance to streamline its efforts to make gender equality a reality in Canada and around the world
The low-down on the origins of the commemorative day.
A feminist is someone who believes that every human, regardless of gender, deserves dignity, access and rights
Yet since her arrival in Canada, the 18-year-old has been subject to hateful online trolls
This is a critical moment where we can both celebrate the progress we've made so far, while highlighting the gaps that remain.
Ontario's pilot project helped one mother set up a new life after leaving her abusive husband.
A dispute with Canada over jailed women activists pits Saudi feminists and allies around the world against the planet's most misogynistic government.
"There’s nothing different or unique about the Canadian statements."
The standing committee report includes 86 recommendations for changes.
Neither democracy nor progress for women can move forward if all the diverse faces of millions of women around the world are not included.