School management bodies said they are not ready to take the blame if a student gets infected despite the precautionary measures.
Students were supposed to be back in school, but many aren't. Now what?
West Bengal schools have not been reopened because of the coronavirus pandemic and have been shut since March 16.
National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has slammed the government, asking how the students will study without 4G.
The Covid-19 pandemic provides India a chance to reimagine its education system, said Suzana Brinkmann, who has consulted the Government of India and UNICEF on pedagogical reforms
Are online classes and assignments proving to be the last stubby pencil on the camel’s back?
In his book 'Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers', S Giridhar looks at how government school teachers defy constraints so every child can learn.
English teacher Staci Lamb transformed the drab space into something positively spellbinding.
Ferhan Khan knew he wasn’t like other people at school, never having an attraction to the opposite sex but with a traditional Muslim family and section 28 preventing teachers from discussing same sex relationships he had nowhere to find out about himself until university. What happened was a difficult relationship with his faith, which through time, has been rekindled and he now talks about this through advocacy work in schools.
Students of Gujarat schools have been directed to answer roll calls with 'Jai Hind' or 'Jai Bharat' instead of the current 'yes sir' and 'present sir' to foster patriotism.
Students should not be asked to bring additional books, extra materials and the weight of a school bag should not exceed the prescribed limit, the order said.
A distinguished Harvard University professor has decided to retire following allegations by 18 women of sexual harassment
Saffronising education again?
Never before has the need for 'life mastery' been as prevalent as it is today. Walk into any bookstore and you will find
When I was in school, I ate an average of 4 vada pavs a week, mostly during the school recess. It was pretty much the school's