University students across the country have organised in solidarity after news broke of CRPF and Delhi police brutally attacking Jamia Millia Islamia students.
Scared of  being branded atheist and anti-Islamic, they stay away from even talking about it.
Economic inequality is deleterious, but social dissimilitude can be fatal.
His ‘Kashmiriyat’ comment could work against him, if BJP history is anything to go by.
The centre holds in France, but what of the US and India?
Note: What I’m proposing is nothing like the RSS’s “Akhand Bharat!”
The form that India has followed allows for differences in laws across religions…
Come to think of it, 'sabka saath/sabka vikaas' could have been the slogan of a truly secular party.
Unfortunately religion is often used to build vote banks instead of bridges.
"The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India." So says Article
It sounds contradictory. A liberal outlook is often associated with a kind of wimpery that seeks to create a neutral space
It is important to remember that this ban isn't directed at women. It is actually meant to strike a blow at the patriarchal oppression of women. France wants no part in this systematic inequality and is also wary of the influence that these orthodox attitudes can have in pushing their own society back in time.
Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh has sent a letter to the Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu presenting
The government should give a clear secular 'talaq' to the Muslim Personal Law Board and all other laws and statutes that impose particular interpretations of religion on its citizens. Without this, it cannot claim to be completely secular.
The Bombay High Court recently said that no law in India bars the entry of women in any temple, and neither should it. What it said further on this matter should be of great concern to those who value freedom of religion and secularism. It said that anyone imposing this restriction contravenes the Hindu Place of Worship (Entry Authorization) Act, and may face a six-month jail term.