Aaron Baker

I am a recovering quadriplegic athlete, author, ambassador and friend.

May 26, 1999 former professional motocross racer, Aaron Baker, crashed while practicing, breaking C4-5-6 vertebrae's, rendering him quadriplegic, completely paralyzed from the chin down, having only a “One in a million” chance of ever feeding himself again. From the onset, his focus was on maximizing his potential through consistent, long-term restorative exercise. Building upon the flicker of a toe, to the contraction of multiple muscles, Aaron's recovery continues to evolve to this day. Now, 18 years post-injury Aaron has accredited to his name, numerous world's firsts including: multiple cycling marathons, 2 cross-country cycling tours, (pedaling a total of 10,000+ miles), multiple cycling National Championship events, with a 2011 Paracycling National Championship title, a Mammoth Mountain, Kamikaze Bike Games, adaptive class win, as well as a documentary film in production called “Coming to my Senses” covering an epic, 20 mile solo trek (walk) across the infamous Death Valley desert in California. “Lying there in the dirt motionless and completely aware of my plight brought forth a life altering realization of my place in life. No longer a professional motorcycle rider, or skate boarder, surfer, snowboarder, mountain biker, or even a simple fisherman made me realize that I am destined to do far greater things in my life than winning championships aboard a motorcycle. Things that affect peoples lives. I can help people through my own adversity bringing hope and inspiration to those without”. -Aaron Today, Aaron Baker is an adventure athlete, SCI Ambassador for Red Bull/Wings For Life organization, Shield Healthcare Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist and Co-Founder/Owner of C.O.R.E. Centers LLC. C.O.R.E. (Center Of Restorative Exercise) is a niche gym (located in Los Angeles) that fulfills a unique need by providing the benefits of ongoing restorative exercise for individuals with chronic illness and/or debilitating conditions. C.O.R.E. bridges the gap between rehabilitation and regular fitness - "We not only transform bodies, we transform lives" Purpose: It is C.O.R.E.'s belief and enduring philosophy that the risk of secondary complications and degenerative changes that typically follow a disabling condition may be prevented and/or significantly reduced if restorative exercise became an important part of the daily routine of every individual.

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