Adina Kalish

Writer, blogger, mother, PR guru and pickle maker (not necessarily in that order)

What Really Matters: I love Sour Patch Kids. I’d eat Ranch dressing on my shoe. I don’t do leftovers but I keep them in my fridge anyway. My kids think I like my computer more than I like them. I’m a terrible flyer. I like to move. Keeps me from collecting too much junk. I’ll never split an entree so don’t ask. What People Want to Know: I’m a writer by day and a writer by night. I write things for other people most of the time. Things like newspaper articles and press releases and proposals and speeches and ad copy and web copy and scripts for publications and media outlets like The Huffington Post, Working Mother, Today.com and other magazines. I write things for myself the rest of the time. Things like books and screenplays and reality show pitches. My blog, My Kitchen Chaos (www.mykitchenchaos.com) offers up measure-free recipes for busy parents navigating the challenging world of life with kids. I started this blog because life is chaotic as a single mom with two awesome daughters and a sometimes awesome dog. Everything seems to converge right around 6 pm when everyone is at their worst. That’s why I started My Kitchen Chaos. Because in the midst of all of the chaos and family stuff and dreams and paying the rent, dinner still has to be made. And if it's not good I won't eat it.

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