Eva Smets

Eva Smets is the Executive Director of Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict.

As Executive Director, Eva manages the overall work of Watchlist, with support from the Advisory Board. Eva joined Watchlist in 2009, after six years working for leading humanitarian agencies in Central and East Africa. Eva was based in Kinshasa (DR Congo) as Oxfam International’s Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, and in Nairobi (Kenya) as Care International’s Regional Advocacy Adviser. In these roles, she advised country programs on humanitarian advocacy issues encountered in the field, supported the development of organization-wide advocacy strategies, and authored several articles, reports, and related materials. She also has extensive lobby experience in global humanitarian capitals such as New York, Brussels, and Geneva. Eva holds an MA in human rights and democratization from the University of Padova, Italy, and a degree in history from the University of Brussels in Belgium. Eva is Belgian and is based in New York.