Indranill Basu Ray

The author Indranill Basu Ray is a Cardiologist with research in Mind-Body medicine

Dr. Basu Ray is a Cardiologist & Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiologist. He was a former faculty in Medicine (Cardiology): Harvard Medical School and the In Charge: Center for Invasive Cardiac Electrophysiology Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School. He has worked as an academic physician, researcher, and scientist at various reputed medical institutions in the United States and India. He is trained in Cardiology and Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology from India, Canada, and the USA. Dr. Basu Ray has been meditating since the age of six. His research centers on the use of meditation and yoga in modern medicine particularly heart diseases. Dr. Basu Ray has been invited to deliver invited lectures at many premier institutes in the US including Harvard, MIT, Georgia Tech, Cleveland & Mayo Clinic to name a few and many​ others abroad. He also was an invited guest speakers at multiple organizations including those of physicians like Texas Medical Association. He is also the author of numerous research articles and book chapters in cardiology. He is the editor of Clinical Cardiology a book for medical curriculum for subspecialty training in cardiology with over 40 authors from all over the world. He is also the author/editor of many other textbooks in Cardiology including EKG: For the medical students & Pacemaker, Defibrillators & CRT in clinical practice for the non-specialist physicians. Dr. Basu Ray teaches meditation free of cost through workshops in the US and India.