Jenn Melyan

Guest Writer

With a MA in elementary education, Jenn spent 11 years as a founding educator in a Los Angeles charter school. She developed curriculum across all academic disciplines as well as leadership models and social-emotional learning. Jenn then shifted her work from children’s transformation to adults’ by focusing on executive coaching and body liberation. Educated by E.P.I.C (Executive Performance Institute for Coaching), she trained in transformational 1-1 coaching as well as workshop facilitation. She served on panels where the focus is primarily on women’s issues. She also coaches individuals on body-image-related issues. Jenn models and has just recently completed her first, public bikini shoot. She has written a manuscript entitled “A Body of Work” where she tells stories about her body in order to inspire others to liberate themselves from disempowering body-related beliefs. She is officially launching a podcast entitled “A Fat Perspective,” geared towards anyone who currently or formerly identifies as fat, by the end of June! Swing by to connect with her.