Jonathan Sallet

thinks about technology policy

Jonathan Sallet is a partner in O’Melveny’s Washington DC office.

Jonathan’s legal background includes serving as Chief Policy Counsel of MCI Telecommunications and previous partnerships in two nationally-known law firms.

Jonathan served in the Clinton Administration as Assistant to the Secretary and Director of the Office of Policy & Strategic Planning of the Department of Commerce, focusing on economic and technology policy. He was a member of the small group of Administration officials who met regularly with Vice President Gore to address the telecommunications issues that became the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and he headed the first White House working group on the deployment of educational technology.

From 1996-2000, Jonathan served as Chief Policy Counsel of MCI (later MCI WorldCom) where he concentrated on issues arising from the implementation of the Telecommunications Act, including the opening of markets to competition and where he oversaw merger reviews concerning BT, WorldCom and Sprint.

Jonathan has taught as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law School and the University of Maryland.