Kathy Andersen

Award-Winning Author | Speaker | Leadership, People, Performance & Change Consultant and Coach | Thrive Global Trainer | MPA, Harvard University.

Kathy Andersen has helped leaders, organizations, and communities transform visions into realities to create impact and positive change for almost 20 years. Kathy holds a master’s degree from Harvard University with a focus on international development and leadership. Kathy is a Master-Class trained facilitator in Adaptive Leadership from Harvard University, and a certified facilitator through Jack Canfield Training Companies. Kathy is also a trainer and facilitator with Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global organization. Kathy's award-winning book, Change Your Shoes, Live Your Greatest Life, shows how anyone can overcome difficult circumstances to achieve their dreams. Kathy’s leadership experience spans both the private and public sectors. Kathy’s clients have included multi-billion dollar public and private corporations, educational institutions, Major League Baseball players, country governments, private philanthropists, and international non-profit organizations. A spirited speaker and workshop host, Kathy has spoken at numerous conferences, and held various workshops and retreats throughout the United States and internationally. Kathy appears on national media in the United States, speaking on topics including leadership, life fulfillment, inspiration, and well-being. In addition to Kathy’s master’s degree at the Harvard Kennedy School, Kathy studied at Harvard Business School, and has also undertaken several executive programs at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School on management, leadership, and non-profit governance.