Nafisa Elsed (Nafissa Assed)

Libyan Blogger and Women Advocates

Nafisa Elsed (Pen name: Nafissa Assed) is a Libyan Fulbright scholar with a master of science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Nafisa is pursuing a passion for theological learning and youth/women empowerment. She doesn't wish to see women have power over men, but over themselves and she believes that women who just seek to be equal with men lack ambition. She enjoys reading, tennis, meditation, and challenge herself. Her eagerness for challenges is also reflected through her personal achievements including volunteering to work as anonymous correspondent in Libya, sending stirring reports about the humanitarian crisis in 2011 to international media. She was also featured in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN and contributed to online magazines such as Guernica, Pulse, and the Libya Herald. Nafisa currently lives and works in New York City. When she is not busy working, she blogs or watch tennis.