Renaldo M. Pearson

Social Engineer-in-Residence, Harvard University. Organizer, Democracy Spring. #MorehouseMan

Born and raised in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC (otherwise known as "The DMV"), Renaldo Michael Pearson currently resides in Cambridge, MA, where he serves as the Senior Advisor to the Faculty Deans (Winthrop House) and Social Engineer-in-Residence (a concept born out of the Civil Rights Movement, Charles Hamilton Houston, chief architect of the legal strategy that dismantled Jim Crow, defined social engineers as those who dedicate their careers to deconstructing systems of oppression in order to uplift their communities) at Harvard University. Previously, Pearson served as Academic Coordinator, then Interim House Administrator, where he was the youngest administrator at the College. A proud alumnus of Morehouse College (the alma mater of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and veteran of the criminal justice reform movement (where, among other roles, he served as the youngest member and spokesperson of the historic 200-member #EndMassIncarceration coalition that pushed the Obama administration to embrace criminal justice reform), he joined the 140-mile march and historic 1,300-person strong sit-ins at the U.S. Capitol that was the beginning of Democracy Spring in 2016, after facing diminishing returns on the criminal justice reform front (largely due to the big money interests that block the necessary legislative reforms that most Americans actually support). He now serves on the National Coordinating Committee of Democracy Spring, with 8 other colorful millennials, building a movement to end the corruption of big money in politics and end voter suppression in order to win real democracy.